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Maria Salvino

I know from firsthand experience how overwhelming it can be to deal with mortgages. However, I also know that it doesn’t have to be this way for you! 

Who I Am

Over two years ago, I purchased my first investment property in Nappanee, Ontario. At the beginning, I wasn’t sure how the financing would work. Having a trusted mortgage agent by my side and showing me how it was all possible was something I became passionate to start doing for clients.

When you go through the motions of buying a property, you want someone with experience by your side every step of the way. 

I am well known for my integrity and sensitivity to clients' different needs, and I would consider it a privilege to work with you.

What I Offer You Is the Best

I – as a Toronto-based agent- can assist you in determining if now is the ideal moment to take action. To prevent any issues later, the choice to mortgage and its types should be carefully considered. I help you in selecting the mortgage option that best fits your current financial situation by thoroughly examining your existing condition.

I provide some of the most affordable and appealing mortgage rates available. No matter what you need, whether it's to acquire a lower rate or combine current mortgages, I find you the most acceptable offer and lessen your financial load. I will provide you with the required direction you need to choose the best refinancing option since they have a considerable understanding of the mortgage business.

I have extensive knowledge of the mortgage sector and am fully aware of any needs you may have. People have varied requirements. Thus, in an attempt to better serve you, I provide specialized solutions to help you with the mortgage application process. Whatever your need, whether it is to refinance an existing mortgage, purchase a new house or commercial property, or provide quick cash for emergencies, I have a solution.

With Pre-Approval + Maria, You Will Save Thousands

It makes sense to get a mortgage pre-approval. Lenders are keener to give you money if you have a pre-approved mortgage, and I can be more generous with my assistance when you do. Having my consultancy on your side can help you simply save thousands of dollars that you have worked hard to earn.


My knowledge of the mortgage industry is unsurpassed. Being highly trained, I can provide you with better alternatives than a "specialist" bank teller to help you save money, time, and worry both now and in the future for a residential purchase mortgage.

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